The role of data in RevOps

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Charlotte - 10.06.2021
role of data revops

Alignment across go-to-market teams has always proved challenging. Marketing and sales departments often operate with their own data sets, knowledge and processes and customer service teams build their own unique experiences for customers, separate from that provided by marketing and sales.

But aside from the obvious disconnect that this way of working creates, what is the real problem caused by misaligned go-to-market teams? Misaligned data.

Mis-matched, inconsistent data across your business means that none of those revenue-generating teams will be able to truly respond to customer needs. And, after all, it's the customers that drive your revenue and accelerate business growth.

Below we discuss the role of data in a revenue operations strategy and explain how better understanding and alignment of data can benefit your business.

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Data Enables RevOps

When it comes to data, there's currently a lot of wasted time and ineffective communication involved in the process. And the result isn't much better. With different teams using different data sources, many reports are inaccurate and use guesswork to forecast and make predictions about growth. This lacklustre approach leads to a whole load of hand-offs and finger-pointing with a lack of clarity over who's responsible for what and why.

RevOps allows you to focus on your data by connecting your tech stacks and aligning your platforms for a more consistent and unified view across your business.

Making this shift means you can create data-driven teamwork and collaboration and generate transparency and accountability across teams.

With marketing, sales and customer success all utilising a shared source of truth, business growth becomes more predictable and the improved efficiency results in higher win rates and faster sales cycles.

Aligning go-to-market teams

Aligning your data is the easy part. With CRM platforms such as HubSpot that provide a complete toolkit bringing together all your customer data in one place and the plethora of integrations available, you can easily connect your tech stack and align your data.

But how do you ensure that your go-to-market teams are aligned? The first thing you need to do is to ensure that each team is invested - provide them with the relevant training on new technologies and make sure they are all working towards the same overarching goal.

Understanding what the business focus is and how each department contributes to its progress means each function is working towards the same target and is accountable for their actions.

And aligned teams are more successful and efficient. It's that simple.


The benefits of RevOps on your data

Having a better understanding of your data across aligned marketing, sales and service teams provides many benefits, including:

  • Pipeline acceleration
  • Better forecasting and revenue predictions
  • Risks and problems to be identified and solved quickly

Implementing a revenue operations structure allows you to streamline and optimise the revenue process by making better use of the data in your business.

The Revops metrics you should start tracking

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