Why HubSpot should be your go-to RevOps tool

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Dave - 11.05.2021
hubspot as your go-to revops tool

Revenue operations (or RevOps) is all about removing the siloed approach that separates teams and creates misalignment across data, processes and customer needs. With better collaboration comes improved efficiency allowing sales, marketing and customer success teams to work together in perfect harmony, all singing from the same hymn sheet.

All in all, your customer doesn't care whether it's sales, marketing or customer success looking after them. They care about the experience they're receiving from your brand. So, if those teams aren't aligned, chances are that lack of cross-functional visibility will impact the experience your customer gets.

But to be truly successful with RevOps, you need to invest in a tool kit that will bring together and connect all of your data and processes.

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Enter: HubSpot. The launch of the HubSpot's latest suite, Operations Hub, means the HubSpot CRM platform now provides all the tools you need for a full end-to-end customer experience. Here are our top three reasons why HubSpot should be your go-to RevOps tool:


1. A truly connected CRM

The HubSpot CRM is the beating heart of the HubSpot platform with each Hub feeding into it so that you can easily keep customer data in sync improving your cross-function alignment. The core purpose of revenue operations is to remove the siloed approach, and what better way to encourage alignment than working within a platform that has marketing, sales, service, and operations all working together from one single source of truth?


2. Integrations and connectivity

HubSpot integrates with a lot of popular apps and platforms so you can have full visibility on the data from all corners of your business. Integrations can help you discover and connect the tools you need to be able to grow your business. With over 500 available in the HubSpot App Partner Program, you won't be limited on choice. Connectivity is a core part of implementing a RevOps structure and HubSpot integrations give you the ability to connect and align your data across all of your tech stack.


3. HubSpot understands the importance of customer experience

Revenue operations improve many areas such as customer retention, acceleration, and profitability. But the core focus is on the one aspect that will underpin your entire revenue base: the customer experience.

At its core, HubSpot has always embodied the customer experience. Their inbound marketing approach utilising the flywheel, as opposed to the funnel, demonstrates that they have always believed it is the full customer journey from marketing to sales to service that influences business and revenue growth.

HubSpot focuses on the customer experience in everything they do from product launches and updates to blog posts and webinars, making the CRM platform the go-to tool for implementing RevOps in your business.


To summarise, a HubSpot implementation offers your organisation a truly connected CRM platform that seamlessly integrates with a whole range of softwares to embody customer experience at every stage. The platform provides you with everything you need to align your data, teams and processes making it the perfect tool for implementing a RevOps structure and driving business growth.

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