Drift vs HubSpot Conversations 2020: what's the best for conversational marketing?

    Drift may have written the book on conversational marketing, but the past 12 months have seen...

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    Duncan - 12.10.2021
    The power of trust

    The power of trust

    As humans we’ve a natural inclination to distrust people. We’re born with an intuitive system...

    Customer service strategy KPIs you should focus on

      Whenever we talk about marketing and sales it doesn’t take long before we start talking about...

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    What is paid search really doing for your campaign?

    Here in client services, I work with a plethora of businesses across a variety of sectors, all...

    How do you show the value of working with an inbound marketing agency?

    As I said in my first blog, one of the best things about working with an inbound marketing agency

    Procedures Concept. Word on Folder Register of Card Index. Selective Focus.

    Formulating winning processes for an inbound marketing agency

    Hello again! So I have now completed my second week here at inbound marketing agency Six & Flow,...

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    Week one as Head of Client Services at an inbound marketing agency

    It’s day five at Six & Flow, and so far I have experienced two video conferences, a face-to-face...

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