How to Build a RevOps Machine

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Nisha - 07.07.2021
How to Build a RevOps Machine

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is being adopted by more and more businesses, and with so many moving parts it's no wonder why. Aligning your internal teams is the first step in really getting your business off the ground to scale up and see constant growth. The importance of a RevOps-led team means having a clear focus on your people, processes, data, and technology.

Having a holistic view of these aspects will help drive growth for your business. In this blog, we'll be outlining steps you can take to ensure you've looked at all the necessary business areas to achieve RevOps success. These steps should enable you to get started building your RevOps framework. 

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1. Have the right person leading the team

When the right person is in the driver's seat, your revenue operations are more likely to be steered in the right direction. At the heart of your RevOps strategy will be someone who is data-driven, a big-picture thinker, and someone able to motivate the team and see where the cracks may be in your business processes. Pulling together targets and goals across sales, marketing, and customer success is no easy task; but with an open space to discuss business improvement, your RevOps strategy will be in a good position to thrive.


2. Move away from siloed ways of thinking

Too often businesses become focused on the finer details of minor tasks, forgetting to look at projects in a holistic and rational way. This is the kind of thinking a good revenue operations strategy will get you to move away from. Having your individual departments with their own goals and targets is great until you step back and see how the misalignment in those goals can make scaling and growing your business a harder task than needs to be. Your dedicated RevOps can dedicate the time it needs to really evaluate where the business is going.


3. Create greater visibility across marketing and sales teams

Building a RevOps machine takes time. But starting with your internal teams having the right mindset of accountability and visibility across the board will help create closer working teams geared towards the same goal of increasing business profits. Your revenue operations strategy can create better marketing and sales teams as they become more aware of each department's function and how they band together to make the whole machine work. Better team alignment will lead to better business clarity to drive your company's profits.


4. Use data to get to know your business better

Getting stuck in the numbers is always fun, right? Wrong! It's important to know what numbers to look at in your Revenue Operations strategy, otherwise, you'll find yourself in a rabbit hole of numbers, not knowing what is most valuable. Set KPIs (a.k.a. key performance indicators) to track and measure where your organisation sits. Whilst staring at numbers all day isn't useful, performing regular health checks is! Decide whether your organisation needs a monthly or quarterly health check. From there, you're in a good place to report, analyse and, most importantly, learn what's working and what isn't. 


5. Take stock of your technology and the why

Everyone wants to be involved in what's popular. But, simple as it sounds, what works for one company may not work for yours! Evaluate the tools your team is using and better yet, speak to them about why it works. Having the right tools, and understanding its purpose as a powerful instrument, in your organisation supports the team to do better. Using a CRM tool like HubSpot provides a seamless customer experience, bringing together your sales, marketing, and service teams in one hub. If it benefits the team, keep it. If in doubt, re-evaluate, and act. 


6. Make sure your RevOps team is ready to be challenged

When implementing your RevOps strategy, there's no doubt that challenges and difficult conversations may come in the way. It's time to think and talk candidly. If you truly want your business to see growth and scale at the right pace, be prepared to discuss the uncomfortable. It's important to have an open space to be able to pick out what works and what doesn't - without creating friction in the business. Make sure your RevOps team is ready to take on the challenge.


Taking the time to focus on your RevOps machine will help grow and scale your company; once your goals are aligned, the company can thrive. If you're looking to train up your team to get into the right mindset, HubSpot's very own academy has plenty of courses to learn more about RevOps.


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