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The pursuit of long term growth with ABM

Customer acquisition rate of

The lead agency is a specialist lead generation company that helps its partners grow by matching car buyers to car brands. We worked with The Lead Agency to implement an Account Based Marketing campaign to find and convert high-value clients. 

What happened

Six & Flow worked with The Lead Agency to define the messaging of their campaign whilst aligning their sales and marketing efforts. We identified key accounts to target and then introduced a tiered approach, assigning more resources to larger or more appropriate accounts.

We identified 35 target companies, mapped their decision makers, influencing networks and created tailored content applicable to their needs. Within the first 3 months of activity, 10 of the key accounts are now customers of The Lead Agency, meaning a 29% target customer acquisition rate.

Combining ABM with Inbound

When combined with the inbound process, ABM is an approach that focuses on generating quality lead opportunities and opens communication channels with people who matter most to your business.

Instead of using a generic sales team, the ABM campaign focused on building relationships without disrupting prospects already busy and short on time.

Our Approach to ABM

Our strategy was designed to appeal to decision-makers, focusing on best-fit individuals, within companies that have the best-fit criteria. 

Marketing Workshop

We first needed to work with stakeholders at The Lead Agency to determine whom they are currently targeting and what value they are deriving. 

By the end of the workshop, we were able to identify the key personas and key KPIs that fed into their ABM strategy.

The Strategy

Our approach to ABM focused on creating high-value content in the form of blogs and e-books, in addition to advertising based on the list of 35 target companies. 

We worked with The Lead Agency to:

  • Setup the tools and tracking to map success.
  • Create assets in the form of blog content, landing pages, guides, and SDR scripts.
  • Generate traffic through social, paid, and email outreach.
  • Developed personalised nurture sequences and a calling strategy.

Ready to scale lead generation

Create an account-based marketing campaign.

ABM is an approach that focuses on generating quality lead opportunities. ABM focuses on building relationships. Use account-based marketing campaigns to nurture and convert leads.