adimus HubSpot CRM implementation case study

CRM Implementation increases efficiency by 60


Adimus is a global distributor of investment products. When we first became acquainted, the company was struggling with fragmented, siloed data sets spread across multiple platforms. 

Six & Flow took on the challenge of making Adimus more efficient and effective in delivering communications to clients and communicating internally too. The implementation of several integrations enabled the sales teams to access high levels of data about individual contacts and allow the marketing teams to nurture leads based on sales team activity. 

The automation of multiple non-core activities, such s managing invoices, contracts and lead contact details within one centralised CRM increased time efficiency by 60%. 

This allowed the investment firm to scale up work without needing to expand the sales team. 


Services offered:

  • Sales & CRM alignment 
  • Full process mapping 
  • Tailored training 

Dealing with the data.

Our first challenge was combining all the fragmented data sets and creating a unified body of information for multiple users to access. 

We held a workshop to understand existing data sets, embedded processes, data organisation, needs and areas for automation and improvement.

From there, we had a full picture of the business' needs and planned the HubSpot CRM implementation. 

Sales and marketing alignment

Using information gather in the workshop session, we identified where marketing automation and sales enablement could be introduced. The following integrations were setup:

  • digital contract signing 
  • live phone line validations 
  • invoice automation

By introducing a series of automation throughout the accounting process, sales teams were offered a single source of truth and saved time and easily managed workloads. 

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