10 days to success - A HubSpot sales CRM case study

The Challenge

Caroo Ltd are a Recruitment SaaS platform start-up based in Manchester. Although experienced with CRM systems, Caroo did not have the in-house skills to set up HubSpot in a time frame suitable to their needs. Caroo needed expert HubSpot guidance to both build a system suitable to their requirements and to demonstrate how to best use it to outreach to their 6000+ companies in an efficient manner.

In mid-December 2019, Caroo approached Six & Flow wanting to set up a new sales team within a month so they could start 2020 ready to sell.

Caroo had several challenges, the first being that a bad experience with other Hubspot sales representatives had left them unsure about the capabilities of the HubSpot platform. We had to overcome a lack of trust in the implementation through strategic consultation.

The Results

Performance chart icon

Successfully implemented a full HubSpot sales CRM in 10 days


5% lead to opportunity rate with targeted accounts


Resulted in a 48% opportunity to deal rate

What Caroo said about us

“I rarely recommend ANYTHING unless I’ve received an exceptional experience, and this is one of those times. The Six & Flow team were rapid to respond to our request; they defined, built, delivered and optimised our sales CRM solution quickly and cost effectively over the Christmas period. Beyond implementing the solution they set up a series of training sessions. Furthermore they are still in touch today asking if they can help. No Adam. Leave us alone and go solve someone else’s problems.”

Gareth Peterson
Managing Director, Caroo


What happened?

Six & Flow delivered Caroo’s bespoke solution in a three-stage process to a tight 10-day timeline. Six & Flow had the new team fully functional within 10 days.


Project Scoped

Knowing deadlines were tight, Six & Flow arranged immediate interviews with all key stakeholders to fully scope Caroo's requirements to advise on project feasibility, timeframe expectations and project workload (on Christmas eve).


Technical Build

By building a set of sales and marketing automations unique to Caroo’s needs, Six & Flow streamlined their entire sales team’s admin tasks and sales process freeing them up to spend more time selling to clients.

User Training

Through small scale training delivered via both video and in-person, Six & Flow upskilled Caroo’s sales team in HubSpot while showing them how to both produce and understand, business critical info using real-time dashboards.


From signing up with Charlotte to the ongoing (and constant) support from Adam what could have been a monotonous and time consuming leap was simplified and made to look easy in a timely fashion (due to the team over there working round the clock including Christmas eve to get things done!). They really have gone above and beyond, would highly recommend.

David Roddy, Caroo

The Outcome

The project was successfully completed and meant that Caroo were able to hit the ground running hitting a 5% lead to opportunity rate with targeted accounts and a 48% opportunity to deal rate within their first 3 months.

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