Drift support from a UK partner

As a Drift partner and as a customer ourselves, we know the software can qualify better leads, speed up customer response times, boost ROI and much more. Now we want to spread the word and help you reap the benefits too.

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Drift Certified Partner

What can Drift do for you

Drift is much more than a chat window sat on your website.

Think of it as a personal receptionist, on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Drift can answer people’s most common questions,
  • Schedule meetings,
  • Initiate conversations that move leads through your pipeline,
  • Personalise bot experiences, 
  • And more.
Integrate your conversational marketing tool to your CRM

What can the right support do for your business

When you combine inbound and conversational marketing, you get your team in front of customers and leads in seconds. 

With the right Drift support, you can:

  • Integrate conversational marketing into your greater inbound strategy
  • Build a single source of truth within your CRM
  • Perfect a fluid sales experience and website visitor journey
  • Shorten your lead generation process
  • Build a chatbot strategy according to distinct audience groups
  • Generate a bespoke chatbot script that offers the right 'human-touch'


Benefits of working with a drift partner

Drift Integration Experts

Work with integration experts

Six & Flow can help to incorporate Drift with existing CRMs and tool stacks including HubSpot, Slack, Shopify, Salesforce, Marketo and many others.

Drift Tools

We know our Drift tools

Various Drift tools can connect your team with recipients instantly. Find times to suit both you and the client with Drift meeting scheduling, and cut down on inbox clutter with Drift email sequences.

Drift Chat Scripts

Scripting chats is our speciality

Office closed? Keep customers moving through your sales pipeline with scripted conversations. We can help you to map out, write and set up scripts to fill any need.


Powering sales with expert Drift support

Can Drift help you that much? Well, within the first three months of installing Drift, we've helped clients achieve the following...

  • 23% uplift in new leads
  • 15% rise in new customers
  • 57% of total leads generated from drift
  • Inroads made into new US & Canadian markets

And that’s just from spending 20 minutes a day on the platform!

Drift Certified Partner

Improving your tool stack with a Drift partner

  • CRM Integrations - seamlessly connecting with CRMs like HubSpot or Salesforce
  • Marketing tool integrations - Connect to other modern marketing tools such as Slack, Google Analytics, Zapier and others
  • Scripting - qualify leads and answer relevant questions for customers
  • Book meetings in seconds - Setup meetings immediately and notify your team of VIP customers. 

Transform your business with expert Drift support

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Book a free Drift implementation workshop