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Anybody who has had a successful product go to market will tell you their product was only a success when their customers succeed by using it.

A product can be amazing but lacklustre adoption or usage of the amazing product they delivered to market will lead to failure. In many companies, such failures are pinned on a certain group ( Normally marketing!) but in the customer focussed space we now find ourselves success doesn’t boil down to any one individual.

The success hinges on a successful customer focussed strategy designed for and implemented by the entire organisation.

Adopt inbound marketing processes in your SaaS marketing, to:

  • Offer personal, friendly and valuable communications
  • Attract relevant, qualified and genuinely interested leads
  • Provide timely and intuitive updates, reminders and follow-ups
  • Build a reputation as a specialist to compete with market leaders
  • Analyse processes to improve offerings and reduce costs